Over 40, skin stressed by fatigue or hormonal changes

Sebum, impurities and shiny skin

Pre and post pregnancy, hormonal spots

Vitamin and lifting

Under 45, first wrinkles, tired and dull skin

Impure and asphyxiated skin

Over 40 with chrono- and photo-aging, wrinkles, loss of tone

Over 40 with chrono- and photo-aging, deep wrinkles, laxity, hormonal changes

Spots, discoloration, sagging of the face, dehydration

Asphyxiated, dull and intoxicated skin

Wrinkles, laxity and slight discoloration

Over 50, deep wrinkles, pre- and post-menopause

Nourishing and vitamin

Sensitive, reactive and dehydrated skin

Scarring outcomes

Skin lifting and regenerating

Regenerating with immediate effect

Skin with couperose over 45/50

Over 45, wrinkles, sagging face, hypoactivity

Under 35, post-inflammatory acne spots

Moisturizing hydrofiller

Acne and inflamed skin