The value of family and territory

A family-run company


The Cosmoproject company, from which Beauty Spa derives, was born in 1993 from the ingenuity of Primo Tortini – founder and sole director. It has been on the path to success since then.

30 years

Thanks to thirty years of experience, innovative capacity, flexibility, reliability and a good dose of passion, it has stood out in the market, becoming the first choice for those in the world who deal with beauty and skin care.

67 million

The biggest brands, the most prestigious and well-known labels appear in Cosmoproject‘s customer portfolio, with a production of 67 million pieces every year, hitting the shelves all over the world.

+250 resources

Grown in compressed times, Cosmoproject has a unique DNA: that of a family company with a working group of more than 250 resources, which takes care of its customers, its territory, its products, which are a pride rigorously Made in Italy.