An accurate analysis of the market

Trends, but also needs and requirements. Beauty Spa knows the market in which it operates and is able to foresee and interpret its needs. Thanks to the know-how of the large Italian company Cosmoproject from which it emanates, Beauty Spa offers the most cutting edge, high-performance solutions for face and body skin care, and boasts a large and privileged window in the skincare industry, with a view also in pharmaceutical field.

Particular attention is paid to quality – of raw material, product, packaging, process and result – and safety, guaranteed by the internal Regulatory Office and by the Research & Development, Analysis and Quality Laboratories, always within the company.

Everything under the same roof, with a short supply carrying the hallmark of quality Made in Italy and Italian excellence.

The Beauty Spa Beautician

What is the profile of the beautician/cosmetologist who chooses Beauty Spa?
They are attentive, prepared beauticians and cosmetologists, “in love” with their work, who choose not just to settle for it, on the contrary. They want to be updated on the latest trends and news on the market, they wish to offer experience and expertise to their clients, they love to be accompanied in a process of constant growth and they want scientific and methodological rigor to give meaning and value to their work. They do not improvise, they study, they compare, they make questions.
They offer their clients the best, and know how and in what times the results can be achieved.
They are a point of reference for their clients. Their quality is a source of pride for Beauty Spa.

as a source of INSPIRATION

Nature is the most precious
source of inspiration for Beauty Spa.
Nature offers Beauty Spa materials
and teachings which, thanks
to technology, translate into effective
responses for the skin.

Think of botany, with its numerous medicinal plants whose activity has been known since ancient times and recognized by our herbalists, as well as by traditional Chinese medicine.
But also of all those species (plants, herbs, flowers, algae) whose effectiveness has only recently been understood by science, then made available for the skin.

Beauty Spa boasts a true botanical garden in its products, where every variety is present to offer its maximum functionality.
But not only that: think, again, of the ability to adapt of some animals, capable of teaching us.
Like the Extremophiles that populate deserts, estuaries or the poles, capable of adapting respectively to very low hydration levels, constant imbalances or low dynamism: from them we have learned to provide answers to these needs, when the skin expresses them.

Finally, consider all those substances – from trace elements to metals, from peptides to sugars, up to proteins and acids – capable of creating synergies of beauty and health with the skin tissue.