Acne, scarring and skin blemishes

Acne is a complex blemish, which requires targeted courses and treatments, aimed at normalizing and rebalancing the skin. If neglected, it can give rise to scarring and skin spots. The latter, in particular, are signs of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by an excess of melanin in the area affected by the pimple, sometimes due to incorrect exposure to sunlight.

The treatment

Treating the skin with post-inflammatory acne spots is essential to quickly resolve a blemish that could leave permanent effects. Beauty Spa offers a targeted, intensive treatment course aimed at hastening the repair process, also involving the use of organic acids with a renewing action.

Acnespot unfolds in a series of 11 sessions to be carried out over a two and a half month period. After calming the skin with a normalizing treatment, oxygenating, dynamizing, exfoliating and specific interventions are planned for hyperpigmentations of inflammatory origin.

The minimization of existing spots goes with a preventive function.

1 Recovery of skin with acne and inflammatory acne
2 Anti-inflammatory and soothing action
3 Treatment of post acne spots
Course duration
2 and a half months

11 sessions

This treatment course can be performed from mid-September to May, in the absence of direct exposure to the sun

At-home treatment

The at-home treatment starts with an enzymatic cleansing, to be perfected with the rebalancing contribution of Balance Lotion. Two serums are alternated morning and night: one containing ingredients with a calming and soothing action, the other functional active ingredients for the treatment of spots including, notably, Vitamin C and Artemisia extract.

The day emulsion has an SPF 30 protection factor and protective, evening-out and calming properties, while the night cream exfoliates and improves skin elasticity.

Once a week, the mask to be lòeft on restores balance, comfort and a pleasant smoothness.