The correct level of hydration is the essential prerequisite for healthy and balanced skin. Preserving it is therefore an essential step in every treatment (both at-home and professional) dedicated to the face. Without hydration there is no beauty.

Dehydration depends on an alteration of the hydrolipidic barrier that protects our skin and is caused by both external elements (heat, cold, sun, wind and dry air) and internal elements (age, hormonal influences and diet). A person can be affected by multiple factors at the same time. When the skin starts to lose the correct amount of hydration it becomes more tense, dull and very rough, but if this dryness is not treated in time, then the face and body become chapped, flaky and you start to feel an itchy and annoying sensation.

The treatment

The treatment lasts 60 minutes, during which the skin is subjected to the intensive hydrating charge of a pool of ingredients that work in synergy, also giving an elasticizing, smoothing and silky supply.

The presence of Superozone 1200 Ozonized Oil ensures the skin has all the energy it needs to best perform its vital functions, while the special manual skill of the massage optimizes the performance of the treatment products, stimulating microcirculation.

At the end of each session there is a “”skin wake-up”” effect: a sort of natural skin awakening, which gives the face a rested, smoothed-out, luminous appearance.

Course duration
60 minutes

Individual sessions

Treatment integrated into specific facial treatment courses