Hormonal activity and skin spots

Hormonal activity plays an important role in skin spots. Particular moments in a woman’s life, for instance pregnancy or menopause, can favor the appearance of spots and discolorations, or worsen the intensity and size of existing ones. Intervening promptly and with a pool of targeted ingredients is essential to stem the effects and bring the skin back to its optimal balance.

The treatment

To help the skin in delicate periods of hormonal variation, Beauty Spa offers the Hormonage treatment course: 6 sessions in 5 weeks, with interventions aimed at calming and rebalancing the skin tissue, providing a selection of functional ingredients that work on the spot formation process and stimulate its resolution.

Among these, an important role is played by Vitamins F flax and esterified C, which regulate the production of melanin before the spot appears. The Artemisia and Angelica extracts, together with Glabridin, complete the anti-spot effect, normalizing the synthesis of melanin.

This corrective, regulating action helps keep hyperpigmentation under control.

1 Reinforcement of defenses and improvement of the bio-functionality of the skin tissue
2 Regularization of the production and distribution of melanin
3 Protection of the skin from hormonal stress
Course duration
6 weeks

5 sessions

This treatment course can be performed from mid-September to May, in the absence of direct exposure to the sun

At-home treatment

Perfect self-care involves attention to the skin of the face which starts with cleansing (in this case enzymatic), is perfected with the application of lotion and serum, and ends with specific day and night creams.

All products belong to the Perfectage line and synergize anti-spot, calming and normalizing ingredients, with Glabridin ideal in case of hormonal variations.

Once a week, the mask restores balance, comfort and a beautiful glow.