The skin aging process

The aging process – a natural event that cannot be stopped – can be hastened by incorrect lifestyles. Smoking, excessive exposure to the sun, smog and disordered eating tend to leave a series of specific blemishes on the skin.

The most evident are wrinkles, dehydration and, above all, skin spots and patches. At the same time, the lower elasticity of the skin makes the shape of the face look dull and tired.

The treatment

To give the facial skin freshness, even tone, brightness and plumpness, Beauty Spa offers the Hypoactive treatment course: 6 sessions in 5 weeks for noticeable results.

The first treatment involves the supply of a high-level vitamin pool, perfected by the revitalizing charge of a highly hydrating mask. The specific treatments for the attenuation of skin spots (with Glabridin, Angelica and Artemisia extracts, and Vitamins F and C as guest stars) alternate with those that redensify and improve skin tone, for an anti-aging and evening-out action of great effect.

The benefits concern the minimization of existing spots, a preventive supply and the recovery of the brightness and vitality of the skin, which appears plumper and firmer.

1 Recovery of deep dehydration and skin density
2 Treatment of spots and discolorations due to cellular hypoactivity, dryness
3 Restoration of bio-activity and stimulation of cell vitality
Course duration
5 weeks

6 sessions

This treatment course can be performed from mid-September to May, in the absence of direct exposure to the sun

At-home treatment

The at-home treatment proves to be an essential step for the treatment of chrono- and photo-aging induced blemishes. In this case, it involves an enzymatic cleansing phase to be repeated morning and night, followed by the rebalancing and anti-spot properties of the lotion. The serums are focused on the treatment of skin spots and discoloration, also with a preventive function, while the daytime emulsion has soothing, protective and evening properties.

The Phytic Acid night cream boasts an exfoliating, keratolytic action o prepare the skin for treatments; during the treatment course it is replaced by a regenerating emulsion.

Once a week, the mask to be left on provides hydration, comfort, brightness and functionality.