Couperose is a skin blemish that mainly affects the face. Here reddish patches resulting from the dilation of the blood capillaries can be seen; this dilation is mainly due to the passage of time and the persistence of inflammatory processes which tend to become chronic.

The typical redness of couperose forms a network made more or less evident by the stagnation of blood. The areas most affected are the cheeks, particularly between the cheekbones and the wings of the nose. The presence of couperose generally has a “butterfly wing” appearance.

The treatment

The Anti-Redness treatment course involves a synergy of targeted actions. The inflammation-reducing and soothing effect is guaranteed by the Be-Calm treatment, also active in improving skin microcirculation.

The Ritual treatment instead guarantees a stimulation of the production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans, combined with the improvement of hydration, for an effective anti-aging and firming action. The dynamizing and energizing charge of Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil completes the picture, allowing the skin to regain luminosity, freshness and wellness in just 5 sessions to be perfected in 4 weeks.

1 Calming, inflammation-reducing action
2 Restoration of skin bio-functionality
3 Improvement of microcirculation
Course duration
4 weeks

5 sessions

The skin regains luminosity, freshness and wellness

At-home treatment

The at-home treatment is very important for the treatment of sensitive skin with couperose. In fact, it is perseverance that allows us to achieve visually appreciable results. Cleansing is gentle and respectful of the hydrolipid film thanks to Hydramilk milk, while recovery with Balance Lotion ensures hydration and desensitization.

The Biosense and Dermafeel serums counteract skin sensitization and improve microcirculation thanks to a pool of targeted active ingredients, while the day and night emulsions complete the treatment by performing a regenerating action and improving hydration.

Once a week the Total Repairing Mask offers an anti-reddening and calming action, also counteracting the onset of spots.