For new skin

There are special occasions during which we want to look our best: with radiant and flawless skin, a beautiful lifting effect and the sensation of a fresh, toned, firm and luminous face.

It is precisely for these occasions that the Beauty Party treatment course was conceived: a way to give the face “new skin” in a short time.

The treatment

Four weeks, one session per week, and the results are visible. By alternating the Refresh treatment, with its regenerating and revitalizing action, with the super-oxygenating Superozone treatment and the special vitamin C Ozone C, the results are guaranteed thanks to a proper at-home treatment.

1 Lifting, revitalizing effect
2 Suitable for new skin with a wow effect
Course duration
4 sessions

3 weeks

At-home treatment

Self-care focuses on correct cleansing, with a highly effective morning and night beauty routine, ensured by the gentleness of Hydramilk and the renewing power of Acid Cleanser. The Aqualotion lotion offers hydration and a pleasant wrap effect, while the Absolute serum offers balance and a lifting, smoothing effect.

The rebalancing supply of the Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil, perfected by the Vitabioma emulsion, is extremely valuable in rebalancing the skin microbiota. Finally, the treatment is completed with the restructuring properties of Catharsis at night, for a very pleasant youthful effect.