Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is characterized by a strong reactivity to external stimuli, whether physical such as heat and cold, or chemical such as, for instance, aggressive cleansing.

The main skin manifestations of sensitive skin are represented, particularly on the face, by redness, discomfort, tendency to flaking and dehydration. The discomfort is therefore both esthetic and functional.

The treatment

The treatment course of skin characterized by sensitivity and high reactivity involves two types of distinct interventions: one calming, normalizing, aimed at reducing inflammation, the other aimed at improving skin hydration.

In just six sessions, to be offered weekly (two sessions at short distance from each other are included only in the first week) the skin regains balance, freshness, luminosity and wellness. Redness fades and the reactive response also becomes less immediate and evident.

1 Inflammation-reducing and smoothing
2 Moisturizing and normalizing action
3 Improved comfort and skin even tone
Course duration
5 weeks

6 sessions

At-home treatment

A double calming, protective function also for the at-home treatment. Cleansing is delicate and gentle with Hydramilk, hydration recovery is immediate and fresh with Aqualotion, while the two Dermafeel and Biosense serums have a soothing and anti-reddening action.

For the night, all the freshness of Snow Cream offers rebalancing and vitality, while it is recommended to complete the treatment with the protective cream SPF 50+ DD Protection in the case of long stays outdoors.

Once a week, the Total Repairing Mask tops off the treatment, providing wellness and comfort.