Deep expression wrinkles

In dermatology, different expression wrinkles are distinguished. The main ones are those related to attention (horizontal frontals), those of concentration (vertical glabellar), those of smile and joy (crow’s feet, zygomatic or radial perilabial), those of sadness (involving the triangular muscles of the lips) and finally neck movements (involving the platysma muscle).

These more or less deep wrinkles make the face tired and dull looking. Menopause also contributes to dealing a further blow to the youthfulness of the face: the hormonal factors linked to this delicate moment in every woman’s life negatively influence skin turnover, hydration and collagen production, in some cases inducing an anomalous distribution of melanin.

The treatment

The regenerating treatment course with Regeneskin Intensive Organic Acids is based on skin regeneration with Organic Acids, provided intensively in 4 sessions out of 8 in total, alternating with the bio-dynamic power of treatments based on the use of Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil, and the revitalizing, relaxing and anti-aging charge of the Revitalist and Luxury Lift treatments.

It can be carried out from mid-September to May, in the absence of direct exposure to the sun, it guarantees appreciable results in just 8 sessions (two months) and it is improved by an adequate at-home treatment.

1 Toning and firming
2 Bio-stimulating and redensifying
3 Lifting and anti-aging
Course duration
8 weeks

8 sessions

This treatment course can be performed from mid-September to May, in the absence of direct exposure to the sun

At-home treatment

Self-care focuses on correct cleansing, with a highly effective morning and night beauty routine, ensured by the gentleness of Hydramilk and the renewing power of Acid Cleanser. The Aqualotion lotion offers hydration and a pleasant wrap effect, while the Nobotox and Absolute serums offer balance and a lifting, smoothing effect.

The rebalancing contribution of the Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil to the skin microbiota is invaluable. The day and night emulsions stimulate the production of collagen, perform a protective action, minimize expression lines and have restructuring properties to ensure prevention and beauty.

Finally, to maintain the results, we recommend applying the Extreme cream to localized imperfections at night.