Wrinkles and discoloration (dyschromia)

The fight against the signs of aging first and foremost involves correct prevention, which becomes essential when referring to wrinkles and discoloration. If this preventive action is combined with a dynamizing boost and the antioxidant power of vitamins, the skin tissue can best benefit from treatments in the beauty room.

Skin types under 45 also need help to deal with periods of tiredness and stress, which result in a dull tone, greyish complexion and lack of luminosity. Aspects that “mark” the face, making it visibly tired.

The treatment

Conceived for skin under 45, the treatment course first and foremost carries out a dynamizing, regenerating action – but without the supply of Organic Acids – essential to offer the skin brightness, vitality and freshness. The 6 sessions – to be performed on a weekly basis – ensure the right mix of functional ingredients for a preventive action against the signs of aging and for overall revitalization.

From the first sessions the results concern skin brightness and tone, and are combined with a pleasant, evident lifting and redensifying effect, with benefits in terms of visibility of wrinkles and improvement of the facial shape.

1 Lifting and redensifying
2 Smoothing out expression lines
3 Dynamizing and stimulating effect
Course duration
6 sessions

6 weeks

At-home treatment

Self-care focuses on correct cleansing, with a highly effective morning and night beauty routine, ensured by the gentleness of Hydramilk and the renewing power of Acid Cleanser. The Aqualotion lotion offers hydration and a pleasant wrap effect, while the Big Bang and Hyalufill serums give vitality and comfort. The day and night emulsions stimulate the production of collagen, minimize expression lines and perform a restructuring action to ensure prevention and beauty.