Skin aging and wrinkles

Skin aging leads to changes such as the onset of wrinkles. These fine or deep lines are the result of a decrease in collagen and elastin – proteins that keep skin firm and elastic. Sun exposure, lifestyle and genes affect skin aging. Wrinkles may appear on the face, neck and hands, becoming more noticeable as time goes byt.

To counteract them, it is important to activate a treatment course with a lifting and regenerating effect. The lifting effect translates into lifting, firming up and improving skin tone. The goal is to reduce the appearance of sagging skin and combat atony due to aging, hormonal changes or loss of elasticity.

The regenerating action is instead guaranteed by the supply of Organic Acids, which remove dead cells from the horny layer and boost cell turnover, ensuring brightness and vitality.


The treatment

The Biolift treatment course is divided into 5 sessions to be performed over 4 weeks, with two sessions during the first week and one in the following weeks.

The pleasant instant lifting effect, with very high satisfaction, is combined with an anti-aging, smoothing-out action for 1st and 2nd level wrinkles. The reduction of 3rd level wrinkles is a further result that is obtained in the treatment room and which can be maintained by repeating the course approximately every six months.

Course duration
4 weeks

5 sessions

Two sessions during the first week and one in the following weeks

At-home treatment

Self-care focuses on correct cleansing, with a highly effective morning and night beauty routine, ensured by the gentleness of Hydramilk cleansing milk, the rebalancing power of Balance Lotion and the lifting, smoothing-out effect of Nobotox.

The day and night emulsions boost the production of collagen, perform a protective action, reduce expression lines and have restructuring properties to guarantee prevention and beauty.

Once a week, the treatment is perfected with Acid Cleanser, the cleanser that modulates the horny layer and facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients, and with Total Repairing Mask boasting repairing and restorative properties.