Oily skin

Oily skin is a condition characterized by abundant production of sebum, the liquid substance that comes out of the hair follicles and forms a protective film on the skin capable of limiting damage owing to dust, pollutants and sunlight.

From an esthetic point of view, the aspect that is most visible is represented by excessive skin shine, accompanied by rather evident pores. Intervening on sebum regulation is therefore essential to allow the skin to regain an internal balance which translates into beauty and luminosity on the outside.

The treatment

The course for the treatment of impure and shiny skin is decisive and intense, and it involves one session per week (the first week even two sessions) for a total of 5 sessions.

The specific treatment for this skin type (Acid Green) has a sebum-balancing action and reduces the size of the pores, and it is interspersed with a treatment containing Organic Acids with pH 2.0, perfected by the oxygenating, repairing action of the Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil.

Shininess is minimized, pores are minimized and the skin rediscovers a beautiful luminosity.

1 Sebum normalizing and rebalancing action
2 Normalizing effect
3 Minimization of pores and attenuation of shininess
Course duration
4 weeks

5 sessions

At-home treatment

Self-care is based on correct cleansing, with a morning beauty routine focused on Hydramilk cleansing milk and on the renewing power of Acid Cleanser at night. The Fine Toner lotion improves skin balance while offering a pleasant wrap effect, while the Sebocontrol and Puriderma 18 emulsions work in a targeted way to limit sebocyte differentiation and lipid synthesis and carry out a dermopurifying and rebalancing action.

Once a week, the Purimask mask reduces the size and visibility of pores, regulates sebaceous production and restores skin balance.