First of all, innovation means focusing on products formulated based on the results of the most recent dermatological studies, researching the most cutting-edge and active raw materials, capable of ensuring the achievement of the promised results and product claims, and carrying out careful research and development that only an accredited and reliable R&D laboratory, such as that of Cosmoproject, is able to guarantee.

We are attentive to the latest products, the most recent studies, market trends and innovations in compositions and ingredients.
In this way, we can offer a product with improved reliability, performance and safety, capable of meeting the needs of professionals in spa centers and beauty parlors, and those of customers at home.

But not only that: for Beauty Spa innovation also means accompanying our customers in a process of professionalization and specialization that requires time and passion.

Cutting-edge training

We study cutting-edge training courses, we offer detailed and updated in-depth material based on the latest studies in the dermatological and medical fields, we offer work ideas in terms of motivation and topics, and we make the know-how of a large Italian company available to those who choose to collaborate with us. 

Ozonized Oil 

Innovation also means being the first to bring our precious Ozonized Oil to the market, more than ten years ago, when “”trapping”” Ozone in a molecule was still just a pioneering idea.
We have created, registered, tested and marketed an ingredient that is difficult to find equals, and which is now the jewel in the crown of all our protocols.


Innovation is having received recognition and prizes for the exceptional nature of our formulations, it is having merged cosmetics and optical physics, it is having anticipated many market trends.
Finally, innovation means looking to the future without fear, certain that we will continue to create beauty, with effectiveness as the common thread in all our work.