Inelastic and thin skin

Inelastic and thin skin is characterized by loss of elasticity and thickness. This condition can occur for several reasons, such as aging, exposure to UV rays, hormonal changes or genetic factors.

The skin becomes less able to stay tight and returns more slowly to its original shape when pulled or compressed. The thinness can make the skin tissue more vulnerable and leads more easily than other skin types to the formation of easily visible deep wrinkles.

The loss of collagen and elastin is often a key factor in this condition, and makes the epidermis fragile, less toned and less resistant.

The treatment

The treatment lasts 60 minutes, during which the skin is subjected to the revitalizing, rebalancing and stimulating charge of Vitamins. The presence of Superozone 1200 Ozonized Oil ensures the skin tissue has all the energy it needs to best perform its vital functions.

Furthermore, the special hydrating contribution of the treatment products reduces TEWL (transepidermal water loss) and improves hydration, with a luminous vitality and a pleasant softness as the final results. The lifting effect is also very pleasant.

Course duration
60 minutes

Individual sessions

Treatment integrated into specific facial treatment courses