Sesazone 6000 Ozone and the skin

The properties of Ozone – confirmed by substantial clinical studies – ensure an important dynamizing contribution to epithelial cells.
The properties of Sesazone 6000 make it a very precious ingredient for the face and body, which finds a place in every Beauty Spa treatment and course.

Sesazone 6000 Ozone and the face

Sesazone 6000 ozonized Oil allows effectively treating a series of blemishes linked to microbiota imbalances, skin aging processes and alterations in general on the face.
Thanks to its dynamizing, stimulating contribution, it offers the skin an energy charge that allows it to rediscover its original dynamism, lost due to stress, fatigue of the organism and the passage of time (remember that with age, biological processes slow down).

In essence, thanks to the use of products containing this active ingredient, the skin tissue finds the way to work better, repair daily damage and prevent hypoactivity. Not only that: Ozone also intervenes on the skin microbiota. This is generally in perfect balance. But external aggressions such as wind, sun, cold, intense heat can negatively affect the skin and its barrier function. Result: an inflammatory process is triggered and the skin ecosystem is altered.
Sesazone 6000 Ozone acts on pro-inflammatory microorganisms while leaving commensal bacteria unchanged, thus restoring the lost balance.

There are many studies conducted by Cosmoproject in this regard, and they all corroborate this thesis.
Ozonized Oil is an unmatchable ally for maintaining or restoring the balance of the microbiota.
Its antibacterial, germicidal and sanitizing function is proof of this, as is its ability to contribute to very rapid re-epithelization and healing of wounds: the skin regains its health and harmony with Ozone.

Sesazone 6000 Ozone and the body

Sesazone 6000 has a powerful dynamizing, biostimulating activity. Thanks to this peculiarity, it manages to “work” on the body by enhancing and optimizing the actions of the other active ingredients. In particular, it enhances the following actions:

• draining, essential for dealing with cellulite
• reshaping, essential for treating localized fat deposits and pads
• renewing/elasticizing, essential for the treatment and prevention of stretch marks.

Special attention should be paid in cases of slow metabolism. In this case Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil plays a key role. Thanks to its biostimulating action, it awakens mitochondrial activity and stimulates the synthesis of ATP, dynamizing the entire cellular metabolism. In this way the actions of all treatment products are enhanced and the desired results are achieved quickly.

Finally, Sesazone 6000 shows interesting properties that stimulate the metabolisation of lactic acid and are related to the recovery from fatigue. The aforementioned benefits on the body are scientifically proven.

The Ozone Chamber 

The technology of ozonization of unsaturated substrates is an advanced technology.

Sesazone 6000 is created through the catalytic reaction of addition of Ozone obtained from super-pure oxygen and sesame oil. It boasts a very high Ozone content, which allows biological oxygen to be brought to the skin in great quantity and with full-blown activities.

The production of Sesazone 6000 takes place in the “Ozone chamber” of the Cosmoproject company, which has patented this exclusive ingredient and which can say that it is familiar with all its aspects, having treated it for almost twenty years.