Skin chrono- and photo-aging

As time passes, the skin undergoes a series of changes that tend to make it visibly more tired, marked by fine lines, spots, furrows and dull. In particular, cell turnover slows down, making it grayer, while hydration decreases, in combination with the thinning of the hydrolipidic film and the dermal pad.

Even the production of collagen and elastin – the skin support structure – tends to decrease, causing that “facial shape sagging” phenomenon that Specialized Cosmetology counteracts with the best treatments in the beauty rooms.

The treatment

The Luxury Intensive course is a combination of the two Luxury Revital and Luxury Lift treatment courses. It therefore involves 6 sessions to be carried out in as many weeks, with the aim of oxygenating and stimulating the skin, carrying out a renewing and revitalizing action, and giving tone and firmness to the entire skin tissue.

The anti-aging effect is visible, also thanks to the intensive use of the Derma Pen methods.

This treatment course can be performed from mid-September to May, in the absence of direct exposure to the sun.

1 Oxygenating and stimulating
2 Renewing and revitalizing
3 Toning and firming
4 Anti-wrinkles
Course duration
6 sessions

6 weeks

This treatment course can be performed from mid-September to May, in the absence of direct exposure to the sun

At-home treatment

The morning and night beauty routine includes the gentleness of Hydramilk and the renewing power of Acid Cleanser. The Aqualotion lotion offers hydration and a pleasant wrap effect, at the same time the Nobotox and Absolute serums offer balance and a lifting, smoothing effect even combined together.

The Superozone 1200 Ozonized Oil ensures its bio-dynamizing charge, while the day and night emulsions carry out a protective action, minimize expression wrinkles, intervene on blemishes and discolorations, stimulate cell renewal and have restructuring properties in order to make the skin fresh, elastic and velvety.

Extreme can be alternated with the night cream on sensitive and very marked skin, 1-2 times a week, avoiding the area around the eyes.