Under 30, early stages of cellulite

Over 50, localized fat on android and/or menopausal subjects

Lipolytic for adiposity and cellulite in gynoid subjects

Over 50, reshaping, abdominal and outer thigh fat

Over 50, intensive reshaping and slimming

Skin elasticity, prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy

Over 45, specific stretch marks

Under 45, draining, edematous cellulite

Intensive for edematofibrous cellulite and fat

Over 40, intensive fat, cellulite and swelling

Intensive detoxifying and reducing

Over 50, soft cellulite and adiposity

Over 45, neck and neckline, lifting, anti-spot

Firming, intensive reshaping, high definition

Edematous and fibrous cellulite, slowed circulation

Recovery of elasticity, firming up after weight loss or childbirth

Adiposità-cellulite, lassità

Adiposity and cellulite on gynoid subjects

Cellulite and adiposity