• Use of SILICONE within COSMETICS The reason for the massive use of silicones in cosmetics is linked to their chemical structure.In recent years, the conscious purchase of beauty products

    WATER IS the prerequisite FOR LIFE And we could end here. But perhaps, speaking of skin, it is worth clarifying some concepts. The skin is in constant exchange with water: structured t

    AN exclusive BLEND DESIGNED BY Beauty Spa Beauty Spa has created an exclusive Blend made up of three active ingredients that work in synergy for a powerful anti-spot and illuminating acti

    Safety and health for our CONSUMER The sector of manufacture and marketing of products dedicated to personal care and hygiene has undergone a very important and restrictive evolution in r

    HOW TO PREVENT IT AND COMBAT IT with Beauty Spa It has become the faithful companion for every outing in public, but if on the one hand it is a powerful ally against viruses and bacteria,

    Peaceful DREAMS EVEN IN TIMES OF A health EMERGENCY Compliance with rigorous hygiene standards to protect clients and operators, and constant training on health and safety issues in the w

    Air POLLUTION is the INVISIBLE ENEMY of the cold season Well yes, we are neck-deep in fall. It seems like we are already hearing the news: pollution alarm, fine particles are skyrocket

    THE Perfectionist Special Edition LINEA TREATMENT dedicated to PERFECTION An exclusive blend that minimizes skin spots and mitigates dyschromia (Whitening Blend by Beauty Spa) in two

    EYE CONTOUR AREA. What are we talking about? About the absolutely most fascinating, complex area of ​​our face. The eyes - actually, the entire eye contour area - express emotions

    PROTECTING and ENHANCING our eyes A fresh and rested look takes at least 10 years off your face. What are we waiting for, then? The most fragile area of ​​the face requires targ

    OZONE AND ITS BENEFICIAL properties The Ozoceutica line boasts a new version of the Ozone Beauty Spa: the enhanced Super-Ozone Sesazone 6000.Produced in Cosmoproject's "Ozone Chamber", it

    ENHANCING the benefits of cosmetics And this also applies to cosmetics: for them to act correctly and effectively, it is important not only to use them as indicated on the label, but also