The slowing down of cellular metabolism

In general, the passage of time leads to a slowdown in cellular metabolism. All organs of the body are affected by this mechanism, even the skin. There are various factors underlying the slowdown of metabolism, such as a sedentary lifestyle, an incorrect diet, one or more pregnancies, menopause or aging tout court. The combination of these elements causes a significant decrease in lipolysis, i.e. the body’s ability to use stored fats as a form of energy.

In case of slowed metabolism, lipolysis is not triggered due to the presence of a cover of cytokines (glycoproteins) – called inflammasome, – which covers the fat cell like mucus, preventing the receptors from receiving the information to use the storage fats.

The treatment

The course aims to unlock the inflammasome through the strategic use of Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil. Recommended in January and in general after periods of disordered eating, it involves 5 sessions to be performed in 3 weeks, every two weeks. The renewing, oxygenating action of the Thalasso Ozone treatment alternates with the lipolytic and microcirculation-stimulating properties of Algae Ozone. In the second session, the Lipo Ozone treatment performs an intensive lipolytic action.

1 It reawakens the metabolism slowed down by an incorrect and disordered diet
2 It improves circulation and oxygenates the tissue, performing a detox action
3 It boosts the drainage of stagnant liquids
Course duration
5 sessions

3/4 weeks

Recommended in January and in general after periods of disordered eating

At-home treatment

At-home treatments include effective, oxygenating cleansing with the Cleanozone Plus cleanser. Next, the Be-Slim emulsion defines the harmony of the body with its metabolism-stimulating and silhouette-reshaping properties.

Once a week, the Volcanic Mineral Scrub promotes the exfoliation of the dead cells of the horny layer and gives the skin brightness and functionality, while performing a strong lipolytic, draining action.