Gynoid subject

Typically female, the gynoid subject is characterized by a distribution of adipose masses in the lower half of the abdomen, in the regions of the buttocks and thighs. Gynoid individuals see the presence of fat especially in the subcutaneous compartment and a poor lipolytic capacity (in general, gynoid individuals consume little fat).

For this reason, and since the subcutaneous fat that characterizes the gynoid subject offers greater resistance to the lipolytic effects of slimming therapies, it is essential to accompany the latter with an intensive remodeling program, improving skin microcirculation and offering a strong lipolytic boost.

The treatment

The Lipolift treatment course is divided into 7 sessions to be performed over 4 weeks, with an average of two sessions per week. The first treatment is highly oxygenating and energizing, while the subsequent ones focus on an intense lipolytic action. The reducing, reshaping effect is rapid thanks to the compression action of bandages. In slightly overweight subjects, the silhouette is progressively rebalanced, while in general the benefits for microcirculation translate into a feeling of lightness and emptying, particularly pleasant especially in the hot months.

Bandages have no contraindications and do not cause discomfort, which is why they can be offered continuously.

1 The reducing, reshaping effect is fast thanks to the compression action
2 Rebalancing of the silhouette on slightly overweight subjects
3 Improvement of microcirculation
Course duration
7 sessions

4 weeks

Lipolift treatments will be performed with pressure bandage

At-home treatment

The at-home treatment is intensive and involves the application of the lipolytic action serum Lipolift twice a day, which can be integrated or mixed with Aquageleé, an emulsion with hydrating and silkifying properties, ideal for allowing the mixing of the serum and favor a light, beneficial massage.

Once a week, the Sugar Scrub boosts the exfoliation of the dead cells of the horny layer and gives the skin brightness and functionality, making it ready to optimize the benefits of self-care products.