Edematous cellulite

Edematous cellulite is a blemish that is widespread especially among women of childbearing age and has some characteristics that make it easily recognizable, on the one hand, and treatable through particular measures on the other hand. In general, subjects with edematous cellulite have difficulty eliminating metabolites and toxins, and present palpable grains. The circulation is weakened, while the skin appears “orange peel” and the sense of heaviness is generalized, even if it finds a predominant dimension especially in the legs.

The interventions for the treatment of this blemish include the mobilization of liquids, the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste, the oxygenation of the tissues and a firming contribution.

The treatment

Designed for people under 45, the program is divided into 7 sessions to be performed over 4 weeks, with an average of two sessions per week. The first treatment is highly oxygenating and energizing, while the subsequent ones focus on a strong draining action, perfected by the use of Beauty Spa bandages. These, in particular, synergize the draining action with a reshaping, slimming and toning effect, due to the ingredients in which the bandage is soaked, and a counteracting action of the orange peel appearance of the skin.

The bandages have no contraindications and do not cause discomfort, proving to be an ideal and effective treatment for the blemish of edematous cellulite with fluid retention.

1 Intense "metabolic awakening" action
2 Detox action and even reshaping of the silhouette
3 Improvement of microcirculation and "lightness effect" on lower limbs
Course duration
7 sessions

4 weeks

Drenaplus treatments will be performed with pressure bandage

At-home treatment

The at-home treatment is intensive and involves the application of the Drenabooster draining serum twice a day. In the morning it can be integrated or mixed with Freeze Gel – an emulsion with a refreshing effect that guarantees light and rested legs, – and at night with Aquageleé, with hydrating and silkifying properties, ideal for allowing the mixing of the Drenabooster serum inside, and promoting a light and beneficial massage.

Once a week, the Volcanic Mineral Scrub boosts the exfoliation of dead cells of the horny layer and gives the skin brightness and functionality, making it ready to optimize the benefits of self-care products.