photovoltaic panels and low-energy impact systems

Production takes place using a system of high-efficiency photovoltaic panels that transform sunlight into electricity used daily.
Furthermore, systems have been installed to reduce energy and methane gas consumption aimed at minimizing waste, as well as water filtration systems that drastically reduce plastic consumption.

Water purification plant

The company’s purification plant is highly efficient, as is the separate waste collection, which is carried out according to the most rigorous standards. Furthermore, a dematerialization policy has been embraced which sees paper consumption reduced to a minimum.

Circular economy

Every raw material used to make Beauty Spa products is examined to guarantee respect and attention to the environment, as well as to workers, their territories and communities, while the selected packaging must rigorously meet the requirements of a circular economy.

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International

Always in pursuit of the respect for the environment and care for its inhabitants, Beauty Spa has supported, together with the Cosmoproject company, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International for more than twenty years – an organization that deals with the monitoring and protection of very rare mountain gorillas.


Finally, we are collaborating with Treedom: Beauty Spa is planting a forest that will provide work for local populations and oxygen for all of us.

Sustainability Report

The Cosmoproject company, from which Beauty Spa emanates, draws up the Sustainability Report every year. Furthermore, last year it received the EcoVadis silver medal in recognition of its EcoVadis sustainability rating, placing it in the top 25 percent of the over 100,000 companies assessed by EcoVadis. We believe that sustainable development is the only feasible solution today.