Localized adiposity

A sedentary lifestyle, a slowed metabolism or a period of overeating can cause the appearance of localized fat, especially on the abdominal area or thighs. Sedentary lifestyle and eating disorders can be corrected instantly.

As regards the slowing down of metabolism, there are numerous factors that determine it, including the passage of time and advancing age. Whatever the reasons for its origin, slowed metabolism leads to a significant decrease in lipolysis, i.e. the body’s ability to use stored fats as a form of energy.

This generates a vicious circle that can only be counteracted with targeted interventions.

The treatment

To counteract abdominal fat or fat deposits located on the outer thighs, it is necessary to intervene with an intensive lipolytic action, completed by the dynamizing and energizing properties of Ozone. The latter performs a biostimulating action that awakens the mitochondrial activity and encourages the synthesis of ATP, stimulating the entire cellular metabolism.

In 7 sessions to be completed in 6 weeks, the Lipocalco course counteracts abdominal and external thigh fat, while at the same time it enhances the benefits of sporting activity.

1 Counteraction of abdominal and external thigh fat
2 It prevents blemishes linked to alterations in metabolism or sedentary lifestyles
3 It enhances the benefits of sporting activity
Course duration
7 sessions

6 weeks

1st week two sessions

From the 2nd week one session per week

At-home treatment

The at-home treatment focuses on the intensive action of products such as Lipolift and Ultrashape, which combine intensive lipolytic properties and a draining effect. The night massage with Mesoslim synergizes the functional ingredients ideal for combating adiposity (such as Phosphatidylcholine, Caffeine and Carnitine), and the very precious Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil with stimulating and dynamizing properties. Every morning, Be Slim acts on adipocyte metabolism by promoting the elimination of excess fluids and improving hydration and skin trophism, while twice a week the Fruit Blend scrub renews the epidermis by stimulating cell turnover and preparing the skin to optimize the benefits of other care products.