Skin elasticity

Elasticity – i.e. the ability to return to its original state after being subjected to compression – is one of the key factors capable of determining the biological age of the skin and its response to external stress. Good elasticity translates into stretch mark prevention and vitality at all levels.

To take care of your body by improving skin elasticity, it is essential to help the skin maintain its ability to produce elastin and help maintain the correct level of hydration, on which the so-called skin viscoelasticity depends.

The restoration of hydration, the strengthening of elasticity and a targeted stimulating effect are the actions carried out by the Elasderma treatment course.

The treatment

Designed to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, but also and above all to enhance skin elasticity, making the skin softer and more vital, the Elasderma course is developed in 10 sessions, to be repeated approximately every ten days. The alternation of treatments works on different objectives, synergizing an intensive nourishing and hydrating action at multiple levels, with the toning, firming properties of the Tone Up treatment.

Red Grape Polyphenols, but also Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil with a combination of natural vegetable oils with an elasticizing action. The result is firm, healthy skin, which regains its original elasticity.

1 Elasticizing, nourishing action
2 Improvement of the tone and firmness of the tissues
3 Reshaping effect
Course duration
10 sessions

one every 10 days

At-home treatment

The at-home treatment focuses on products from the Red Grape polyphenol Wine Elixir line. Twice a week the Sugar Scrub removes dead cells from the epidermis and promotes cell turnover, giving brightness and freshness to the skin tissue, while the Grape Butter ensures nourishment daily.

Every night the Striastine product, containing enzymatically activated Borage, Olive, Almond and Flax oils, as well as Rice Bran oil and Ozonized oil, improves the hydration and elasticity of the skin, performing a restructuring, revitalizing action.