Atony is a complex blemish, which requires targeted interventions, in which physical exercise and treatments in the beauty centers play a key role, whether it be prevention or recovery of compromised elasticity.

To obtain effective responses, it is necessary to act directly on the horny layer, increasing the cohesion of the corneocytes in order to maintain the balance of hydration and the regularity of exchanges with the outside, and stimulate the fibroblasts to produce collagen. The areas most affected by atony are usually the inner thighs and arms, hips, breasts, buttocks and abdomen.

The treatment

Ideal after sudden weight loss or in the case of localized atony and adiposity, this course of 7 sessions to be carried out in 6 weeks makes use of the dynamizing properties of Ozone and the Calcotherapy method (body contouring), which involves the use of a special occlusive mixture to treat specific body areas.

The combination of the actions carried out by the various treatments is targeted: intensive toning effect, anti-gravity and elasticizing action, counteracting tissue laxity. The treatment course also enhances the benefits of sporting activity with high definition figure reshaping.

1 Firming, reshaping, ideal for redefining the body
2 Perfect after losing weight or following an intensive lipolytic treatment course due to its sculpting effect
3 It enhances the benefits of sporting activity
Course duration
7 sessions

6 weeks

1st week two sessions

From the 2nd week one session per week

At-home treatment

During the period in which the treatment course is carried out, the at-home treatment is aimed at maintaining skin elasticity through the daily use of the Striastine emulsion. Every night a renewal phase takes place, guaranteed by Renova Acid Serum – a serum containing Glycolic Acid with exfoliating properties, followed by the toning and firming action of the Raxodase emulsion. This intensive treatment must be perfected by a scrub with Fruit Blend twice a week, which promotes the removal of dead cells, giving the skin freshness and vitality.