Cellulite-induced blemishes

A feeling of swelling and heaviness, adiposity on the abdomen, hips and thighs, slowed circulation and the blemishes of cellulite, including orange peel skin and the presence of nodules that are more or less perceptible to the touch. These are the blemishes that are treated with the Calcodren treatment course.

As cellulite evolves, blood and lymphatic circulation become less efficient, while blemishes become more evident and annoying. The draining, fluidifying and detoxifying actions are essential here in order to allow the body to regain its compromised functionality.

The treatment

Calcodren includes 7 sessions to be completed in 6 weeks, aimed at treating fibrous and edematous cellulite, also according to the Calcotherapy method. The actions performed by the various treatment courses concern the stimulation of microcirculation and an intensive draining, detoxifying effect.

Ideal for also enhancing the benefits of sporting activity, the Calcodren course contributes not only to improving the functionality of the skin tissue, but also to reshaping the figure, with benefits in terms of harmony of shapes.

1 Stimulation of microcirculation, skin draining and detoxifying effect
2 It enhances the benefits of sporting activity
Course duration
7 sessions

6 weeks

1st week two sessions

From the 2nd week one session per week

At-home treatment

Home treatments involve an intensive draining action in the morning, which finds the optimal product in Drenabooster. At night the particular combination of the Ultrashape serum and the Mesoslim emulsion completes the draining effect and stimulates lipolysis, promoting the elimination of excess fat. Metabolic processes are activated, while circulatory normalization translates into a pleasant sensation of lightness. Once a week, the Volcanic Mineral Scrub effectively renews the epidermis, contributing to positively influencing microcirculation and reducing the blemishes of cellulite thanks to its load of active ingredients.