Gynoid cellulite

Gynoid cellulite, typical of women, manifests itself with accumulations of fat under the skin, creating visible irregularities, often localized on the thighs and buttocks. This condition is characterized by “orange peel” skin due to the distribution of fat, connective tissue and fluids.

Factors such as genetics, hormones and a sedentary lifestyle can influence it, worsening the visibility of blemishes over time. The esthetic treatment of this condition is important to help prevent its evolution and to ensure balance and wellness for the body.

The treatment

The Adipocell treatment course is divided into 12 sessions to be performed over 11 weeks, twice weekly for the first week and once a week for the subsequent ones.

It is an intensive process, aimed at reshaping the fat pads and imperfections typical of this female blemish, while at the same time carrying out a strongly draining and stimulating action on microcirculation. The lipolytic activity of some of the treatments included in the course performs a preventive action.

1 Slimming and reshaping action on pads and imperfections caused by cellulite and adiposity
2 Draining action improving microcirculation
3 Intensive lipolytic action
Course duration
12 sessions

11 weeks

In the 1st week (preferably two sessions)

At-home treatment

The at-home treatment includes a self-massage every morning with the Ultrashape emulsion – an intensive lipodraining booster with Phosphatidylcholine. Morning care is perfected by the Be-Slim emulsion, which stimulates the metabolism and reshapes the silhouette.

The Lipolift intensive lipolytic booster promotes the reduction of fat localized in specific areas (perfect on fat pads) at night, while the Mesoslim emulsion with Sylibum marianum stem and Bearberry mimics exposure to cold and physical exercise with a reducing effect.

Once a week, the Volcanic Mineral Scrub promotes the exfoliation of the dead cells of the horny layer and gives the skin brightness and functionality, while performing a strong lipolytic and draining action.