Cellulite has different stages. In the early stages, the skin may have slight bumps or small nodules that are visible only when the skin is pinched or pressed. Microcirculation can be compromised, causing fluid accumulation and swelling. The skin may appear less toned and compact, with an orange peel appearance if compressed. Sometimes a slight sensation of tension or heaviness in the affected areas can be felt. These early stages often occur in areas where fat accumulates, such as the thighs, buttocks or abdomen, and can progress over time if left untreated, becoming more noticeable and manifesting as more pronounced lumps and more uneven skin.

Intervening early with lifestyle changes, diet and targeted beauty treatments can be useful to manage this condition.

The treatment

The aim of the course is to reduce fat deposits and carry out an intense lipolytic action, necessary to prevent the evolution of cellulite. Special attention is paid to targeted actions for the removal of toxins and metabolic waste.

The treatment course is divided into 8 sessions to be carried out over 7 weeks, once a week (except for the first week when two sessions are scheduled).

Perfected by a correct at-home treatment, it guarantees results and satisfaction.

1 It reduces fat masses by carrying out a lipolytic action
2 It removes toxins and metabolic waste
3 It vascularizes and rebalances the skin tissue
Course duration
8 sessions

7 weeks

From the 2nd week one session per week

At-home treatment

The at-home treatment includes the draining action with a light legs effect of Freeze Gel in the morning, while at night it optimizes the intensive draining properties of Drenabooster mixed with Aquageleé and its moisturizing boost.

Once a week, the Volcanic Mineral Scrub boosts the exfoliation of the dead cells of the horny layer and gives the skin brightness and functionality, while performing a strong lipolytic, draining action.