Facial Cleanser pH 4.5

formato: Bottle 150 ml

This special acid cleanser meets the needs of the most modern Advanced Cosmetics, which involves targeted interventions on the skin so that it can best absorb the active ingredients contained in self-care products.

Thanks to Mandelic Acid, Acid Cleanser reshapes the horny layer (stratum corneum) and facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients.
At the same time, Sesazone 6000 (Ozonized Sesame Oil) dynamizes and energizes the skin, making it more reactive and vital.

Suitable for daily use even on sensitive skin.

Impure skin
Ideal for getting ready for treatments with Organic Acids at the beauty center, it is recommended especially in the case of mature and thickened skin and impure skin, as it is capable of significantly improving the skin texture and complexion. The skin is renewed, brighter thanks to the stimulation of cell turnover.

Apply a small amount of product onto a damp hand in the morning and/or at night, emulsify until you get a light lather, then massage onto the face, rinse and dry.


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