Serums and concentrates


Multi-active Redensifying Serum

formato: Bottle 30 ml

An ultra-performing combination of active ingredients that act synergistically on the vitality and bio-functionality of the skin tissue.

The Bio-Mimetic Peptide of Waglerin 1 has a smoothing and muscle-relaxing action; DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) helps improve the level of skin hydration, guaranteeing tonicity and firmness; Copper Peptides implement a "controlled shock" that stimulates the skin to regain its optimal functionality; Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil oversees and amplifies these actions, offering a surplus of energy.

Absolute is a very high performance serum - essential for the integrated and intensive treatment of the signs of aging. The facial skin appears firmer and renewed with regular use.

Shake well before using. Apply morning and night to cleansed face and neck and before cream, and gently rub in until fully absorbed.


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