AN exclusive BLEND DESIGNED BY Beauty Spa

Beauty Spa has created an exclusive Blend made up of three active ingredients that work in synergy for a powerful anti-spot and illuminating action.
The purpose is to consider the blemish of skin discoloration and treat it effectively starting from three areas:

  • the control of excessive melanin production
  • the treatment of skin inflammation underlying hyperpigmentation
  • skin renewal, essential to make the skin smoother, more even toned and luminous

These actions are admirably carried out by the Blend: a combination of Resorcinol and Bisabolol, Porcelain Flower and Licorice Extract.

The scientifically proven result is skin that regains its even tone, smoothness and luminosity day after day, and which progressively learns to defend itself from daily aggressions. Treatment and prevention – two in one.


Three actions for an exponential effect.

Bisabolol and Resorcinol in combination – aka SymWhite® Plus – constitute a compound specifically designed for the treatment of skin blemishes and discoloration and reduction of the melanin content of the blemish and are capable of intervening on 3 levels.

  1. Decreased melanin content of the spot
    It is known that skin spots are due to excessive production of melanin, which results in hyperpigmentation of the area. The combined Bisabolol and Resorcinol intervene on this aspect, guaranteeing scientifically proven results.
  2. Antioxidant action
    Bisabolol and Resorcinol act as scavengers against Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). This translates into the reduction of inflammation which leads to melanocytic stimulation and a preventive intervention against skin aging.
  3. Inhibition of IL-1-α and TNF-α
    SymWhite® Plus is a powerful inhibitor of interleukin 1 alpha (IL-1-α), a cytokine that intervenes in the processes of tissue repair and which has a marked pro-inflammatory action. It also inhibits TNF-α, a cytokine involved in systemic inflammation, a member of a group of cytokines that stimulate the acute phase reaction.


Crystalline transparencies.

The Porcelain Flower, or Hoya lacunosa, is an oriental flower with a crystalline, luminous appearance, used in traditional medicine for its soothing properties.
In particular, the Beauty Spa Porcelain Flower is grown in Thailand, on a farm that guarantees its traceability and, as a protected species, it ensures the sustainability of the species and the protection of biodiversity.

Its composition is ideal for the treatment of skin affected by discoloration and skin spots. In fact, it contains terpenes, flavonoids and phytosterols with a soothing, protective and revitalizing action, ideal for dealing with the delicate issue of skin inflammation.

Furthermore, its transparent, crystalline, fragile and luminous image is associated with the concept of perfection and the reflection of light, essential to give the face a radiant look, in line with the most modern “nude trend”.


Ancient remedies.

Perfectionist boasts a Licorice extract titrated in Glycyrrhetinic Acid – a milestone in the treatment of skin inflammation.
In fact, it contains a constituent that interrupts the stimulation of an enzyme underlying the production of melanin.
Furthermore, its soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-reddening properties make it an essential active ingredient in the treatment of skin affected by discoloration and brown spots.



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