Intensive Renewing Emulsion

formato: Vaso 30 ml

Intensive emulsion with a high concentration of Organic Acids (Glycolic, Lactic, Mandelic, Azelaic).
It has a strongly rejuvenating and exfoliating action, which ensures a lifting, smoothing and anti-aging effect. Copper Peptides guarantee a "controlled shock" capable of revitalizing the skin tissue, Genistein (indicated for hormonal alterations) boosts collagen, while the precious Sesazone 6000 amplifies the skin's activity, making it more receptive to others active ingredients.

Ideal for skin with advanced imperfections (wrinkles, scars, skin spots and discoloration, significant sagging), it can also be used on limited areas.

It minimizes expression lines and gives a smoother, regenerated skin with a lifting effect.

It can be used in the following ways: • In case of advanced imperfections, apply every night or every other night to the entire face and rub in until fully absorbed. • Use every night or every other day on the areas of the face that require a strong rejuvenating action (deep wrinkles around the lips or forehead) and then apply the specific cream on the rest of the face. • Use as a compress once a week - even on limited areas. At the end, massage, favoring absorption. The product must be used strictly following the instructions of the beauty consultant.


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