Algae Professional

Shaping Body Cream

formato: Tube 300 ml

Algae Professional is a tool that allows you to express the art of massage in the best way and to make use of the most recent knowledge in the treatment of subcutaneous adipose tissue.

The product contains substances active on the processes of lipid metabolism and circulation, and substances that reinforce the skin's structure. In this way the massage aims at helping the discharge of liquids, and it allows the active substances found in the product to penetrate.

Firming up
The skin becomes soft and smooth, its tone is more vivid and uniform. In the context of cellulite treatments with Beauty Spa products, the massage with Algae Professional is a key step to shape the body figure, to reduce the thighs and hips and to minimize the typical rough and patchy appearance of cellulite-prone skin.

Take the appropriate quantity of product for the areas being treated and gently massage.


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