Functional Draining Vasotonic Massage

formato: Tube 300 ml

Reduzone is a micro-emulsion designed to encourage the gradual release of a pool of active ingredients during massage aimed at improving micro-circulation and regulating adipocyte biochemistry.

Specifically, Redulite - effectively associated with Sambucus Nigra - creates a strong interaction on the mechanisms regulating the outflow of liquids and on adipocyte biochemistry.
The formula is enriched with Butcher's Broom, Horse Chestnut and Blueberry Extracts, known for their vasoactive properties, which improve microcirculation and also allow for direct intervention on the capillaries, reducing the excessive permeability of the walls and improving their tone.

Micro-circulation improves significantly, resulting in a "sense of lightness" in the treated areas, which tend to progressively empty out, making the silhouette more harmonious.

Apply the cream and massage thoroughly on the areas to be treated.


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