Sebum Regulating Day Face Cream

formato: Jar 50 ml

It boasts the texture of a sorbet, this specific product for oily and impure skin: fresh, light, pleasantly velvety.
The correct balance of humectants and oils allows for optimal hydration, made even more efficient by specific texturizers with modified starches boasting a mattifying and sebum-absorbing action.
The skin immediately appears healthier and more vital, hydrated and soft, but not greasy. At the same time, the Pureness Blend reduces the visibility of pores and rebalances the skin tissue, giving a pleasant matte effect.

Impure skin
The skin immediately appears healthier and more vital, hydrated and soft but not greasy. It also has a mattifying effect.

Apply every morning to perfectly cleansed facial skin and gently massage until completely absorbed.


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