Moisturizing Cleansing Mousse

formato: Tube 300 ml

Fluffy just like a mousse, this cleanser for normal to combination skin rediscovers the traditional cleansing ritual in an innovative way. It makes use of particularly gentle surfactants, capable of guaranteeing perfect skin tolerability, and a Natural Moisturizing Factor-like composition of the skin to preserve the correct level of hydration.

Hydramousse also allows performing a beneficial massage, which not only makes the daily routine pleasantly ritualized, but it enriches it with a positive value on micro-circulation.

All skin types
Perfectly cleansed skin capable of maintaining the right level of skin moisture.

Apply to damp face, massage gently then rinse. Alternatively, the product can be applied onto dry skin, massaged carefully for a few minutes (even with the help of a device) and then rinsed in order to obtain benefits on the micro-circulation of the face and guarantee radiance and freshness.


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