Serums and concentrates


Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin Compound

formato: Vial 10 ml x 6

A specific serum for a treatment aimed at giving a glowing appearance and beauty to the skin of the face. The benefits of Vitamin C are combined with the strongly hydrating action of Hyaluronic Acids with different molecular weights.
The former stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen, elastin and substances responsible for maintaining skin firmness, while regulating skin pigmentation.
Hyaluronic Acids, on the other hand, penetrate the epidermis at different levels, slowing down the loss of water through evaporation and giving resistance and suppleness to the skin tissue. The product is perfected by Avenanthramides and a blend of Hygroscopic Molecules, in the name of super hydration.

All skin types
A treatment aimed at giving a glowing appearance and beauty to the skin of the face, with a super hydrating, compacting effect.

Apply to the skin of the face and gently dab until fully absorbed. Use on intact skin.


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