Volcanic Mineral Scrub

Mineral Scrub in the Shower

formato: Tube 200 ml

A special paste to be massaged gently, and then rinsed in the shower for an effective body scrub. It contains active ingredients capable of positively influencing micro-circulation, helping reduce cellulite-induced blemishes. In particular, the extracts of three different algae promote fat metabolism by carrying out an intense lipolytic action, while Caffeine optimizes two synergistic actions: intensive lipolysis and a strong draining effect.

The result is rejuvenated, vital skin, ready to receive the ingredients of subsequent at-home treatment products.

The skin is immediately softer, smoother and more luminous; furthermore, the stimulation of the micro-circulation acts on the cellulite-induced blemishes.

Apply to dry or freshly moistened skin, massage thoroughly, then rinse in the shower. The product may be left on - even in occlusion - for 10-15 minutes. Use on intact skin.


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