Alginate neck and décolleté mask

Size: Pouch 50 g - kit of 4 pouches

Formulated for the treatment of the neck and décolleté areas, this alginate mask adapts perfectly to the skin, promoting penetration and optimizing the action of the functional ingredients of the products previously applied.

In turn, it contains Spirulina to promote cell turnover, Laminaria digitata with a relaxing action, Menthol which improves microcirculation and Ginkgo Biloba rich in flavonoids boasting an antioxidant action.

Once dry, the mask can be removed like a second skin, leaving the skin plump, radiant and tightened.

Mix 100 ml of water (preferably distilled) with 50 g of B-Lift, until obtaining a soft, homogeneous mixture. Apply to neck and décolleté and leave on for approximately 15 minutes. Remove the mask and remove residues with a damp cloth.


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