Lotions and Biphasics


Intensive Repairing Biomimetic Lotion

Size: Flacone 150 ml

Formulated to soothe and rebalance the skin after the exfoliating treatment, it uses biomimetic active ingredients and highly skin-compatible oils capable of restoring the protective hydrolipidic film and counteracting dehydration.
The fat-soluble, stabilized Vitamin C has a soothing action and regulates the production of melanin; at the same time, Vitamin F eliminates excess melanin and boosts cell turnover, thus preventing the thickening of skin spots.

It restores the skin back to its balance after exfoliating treatments, and it makes the skin tone more even by combating pigmentation and the thickening of spots and patches.

Apply to face and neck, and massage to promote its penetration.


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