Spot Perfectioning Enzymatic Gel with Zeolite and Papain

formato: Flacone 100 ml

Enzymatic cleansing gel with a composition similar to NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor).
Applied to the moistened face and rubbed in, it forms a soft, creamy lather that cleanses gently. Papain enzymatically exfoliates the skin and gives radiance to the face.
Lastly, Zeolite - a volcanic mineral capable of adsorbing harmful substances accumulated on the skin - performs an antioxidant and preventive action against the onset of spots.

A real detox treatment for the skin of the face

It removes all harmful substances accumulated on the skin and gives brightness thanks to the exfoliation effect. It also counteracts the onset of skin blemishes for a more evened out skin complexion.

Apply a small amount of product on the moistened hand in the morning and/or at night according to cosmetic prescription, emulsify until a light lather is formed, then massage, rinse and dry.


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