Night Cream with Phytic Acid

formato: Vaso 50 ml

Biomimetic emulsion with a rich, melting texture.
It contains 4% Phytic Acid, for an exfoliating, keratolytic action that boosts the delivery of the functional ingredients with depigmenting action contained in the product.
Among these, the particular combination of Vitamin F and Angelica extract counteracts skin spots and discolored skin patches by interrupting the production of melanin upstream the generative process and degrading the excessive melanin present in the spot; while Adenosine prevents and hinders the onset of wrinkles.

The final touch is soft and pleasantly velvety.

It combats the onset of skin spots and discolorations (dyschromia) and degrades excess melanin, attenuating existing discolorations. The final touch is soft and pleasantly velvety.

Apply every night or according to cosmetic prescription onto cleansed face skin, and gently massage until it is fully absorbed.


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