Moisturizing Velvety Cream

formato: Tube 300 ml

Mild hydration, the pleasure of a texture that caresses the skin and a cascade of active ingredients with emollient, velvety and silky properties.
Such as Trehalose, which protects against free radicals and prevents cellular degeneration, Red Grape leaves, which protect micro-circulation, and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, with a softening, elasticizing action. Sweet Almond Oil, instead, nourishes and has an emollient action.

Immediately after cleansing, Milk&;Fruit takes care of the body's skin, helping it to regain optimal hydro-lipid balance and giving it an unmistakable silky touch.

The skin remains soft and hydrated for a long time. It releases a pleasant fruity scent and it is surprisingly velvety to the touch.

For professional use only. For correct use of the product, consult the treatment sheets.


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