Lipomodeling Body Cream

formato: Tubo 300 ml

A precious modeling massage that promotes lipolytic action, thanks to a texture measured to enable the specific manual skills of the treatment.

Among the active ingredients, Carnitine, Phosphatidylcholine and Caffeine work on adipocytes, Escin intervenes on microcirculation, while Sesazone 6000 Ozonized Oil dynamizes the skin tissue.
Finally, an innovative extract from Sylibum marianum stem cells and Bearberry leaves counteracts adipogenesis, promoting the consumption of fats and inhibiting their accumulation.

Firming up
Mesoslim Plus is an ultra-performing product, which helps to quickly combat the main blemishes stemming from cellulite and adiposity.

Take the appropriate quantity of product for the areas to be massaged and proceed with the most suitable manual technique for the individual being treated.


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