Body Lipolytic Contouring Treatment

formato: Ozobend - 3 sachets of disposable bandages, Lipolift - 3 pouches (15 ml each), Brochure

A complete kit for 3 treatments with a very strong lipolytic action, conceived for those who wish to lose centimeters and redefine their silhouette.

Ozobend Ozosmotic Solution Bandages mobilize stagnant liquids at a cellular level and perform a detoxifying, draining action. They therefore represent an essential first step to optimize the benefits of subsequent treatment products, whose active ingredients stimulate lipolysis and boost the mobilization of fatty acids.

Recommended for:
• Treating cellulite and fat pads
• Completing the weight loss process through a remodeling and contouring action
• Counteracting the loss of tissue tone in individuals over 45
• Recovering tone and firmness after pregnancy.

The final effect is a sort of "metabolic awakening" which helps reshape the body in a noticeable way treatment after treatment.

Firming up
The silhouette appears redefined and reshaped thanks to Lipolift kit with a strong lipolytic, detoxifying and draining action.


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