Face Mask with Alginates and SF Active Ingredients

formato: Jar 300 g

A mask with Alginates - extracted from the cell wall of the thallus of particular brown algae - to create an occlusive mixture rich in Trace Elements and Mineral Salts, which solidifies in contact with the skin.
Its functions are multiple: it remineralizes, improves hydration, above all, it promotes the penetration of the active ingredients contained in the treatment products applied before its application.

Enriched with Broccoli Sprout extract - extremely precious in the world of Super Food - it helps reduce skin reactivity and UV-induced damage.
The removal is highly ritualized and cocooning, and positively characterizes the functional phase of the treatment.


The skin appears hydrated and remineralized. O3-Mask helps attenuate skin reactivity and intervenes on UV-induced oxidative stress.

Mix 20 g of O3-Mask with 60 ml of water, possibly distilled, or with the same quantity of Ozo Lotion, and 2 ml of Superozone 1200. Apply the mixture all over the face (excluding the eyes) and leave on for approximately 15 minutes. Remove the mask and remove residues with a damp cloth.


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