S.O.S. Cream with Enhanced Ozone

Size: Airless bottle 50 ml

Fixit is an intensive emulsion, which represents an indispensable help when the skin sends out its S.O.S..
In fact, it contains a significant portion of Sesazone 6000, i.e. pluripotent Ozonized Sesame Oil, selected for its ability to aid the skin tissue in its daily work of defense against environmental aggressions, repair and regeneration.

18-beta-Glycyrrhetinic Acid and Alpha-Bisabolol complete the picture, carrying out a softening and calming action, essential in periods of strong stress for the skin


Impure skin
The skin is stimulated in the process of defense against stress and environmental aggressions and in the regeneration process.

Morning and night, apply where necessary and gently massage until completely absorbed. In case of particular needs, repeat the application several times a day.


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