Hypodermic Remodeling Cream

formato: Tube 200 ml

Special emulsion formulated with the aim of guaranteeing an effective, prolonged massage of the areas affected by cellulite and localized fat deposits in order to reshape the body.
In particular, Glaucine inhibits the differentiation of adipocytes, decreases fat deposits, reduces water retention and increases suppleness.
An association of Caffeine, Carnitine, Escin, GHK Tripeptide, TeaHydroiodide and Ivy (Hedera Helix Extract) proves extremely effective in shaping the body.

The synergy of these active ingredients in combination with massage accelerates and stimulates lipolysis within the adipocytes, facilitating the removal of lipids from fat tissue.

Firming up
The main result of the constant use of Body-D is the improvement of the silhouette, accompanied by improved circulation, reduction of water retention and greater tone of the tissues.

Smooth the product over the areas being treated, massage in circular motions , from bottom to top until completely absorbed.


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